SEO Case Study | Webpages can rank without having the “keyword” in the Title Tag

What are keywords?

What’s the Title Tag?

The Case Study – The Webpage Ranking on Google’s 1st Page without having the Keyword or Exact Keyword in it

So, here’s the case study that I want to show you.

I have written a blog for one of my clients –, on the topic of “energy management” that is entitled: Energy Management & Its Importance. As it’s getting obvious from the topic itself that I’m supposed to describe what the process of energy management is, why it’s important and other details related to the topic. Also, giving you a brief about LogiocLadder Inc, they are energy and environmental monitoring solution providers with a vision to attain NetZero Emissions in the world and are head-quartered in India, Gurgaon.

Now, my target keyword to rank for this blog was – Energy Management, which has a monthly search volume of 3600. I built a few backlinks for this blog, and guess what? I made this blog rank on Google for my desired keyword. Make sure you check that, but on Google India alone i.e., as rankings vary from country to country. So, you may not see my webpage appearing on Google’s first page on the Google US website, which I don’t want – of course!. I want you to check other searches that I’m going to ask you on the Google India website only.

Now, here’s the interesting part.

While doing the website analysis of my client’s website, I found that this very blog is also ranking on the keyword – Energy Management System!

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