How to create a successful rural marketing strategy?

You are planning to create a rural marketing strategy for your business, but you don’t know where to start from?

This article will try to explain to you how you can create a successful rural marketing strategy for your business.

You might also be thinking that

But it’s not completely true though. Because fortunately, the principles of marketing remain the same everywhere. After all, people in the village eat pizza too! and you know that quite well.

In any marketing strategy, 4As, and 4Ps are the principles on which the strategy is created. So, things aren’t complicated and the rural marketing strategy is also created using these principles.

How? We are going to see next.

What is a rural marketing strategy?

As it sounds to you, a marketing strategy specially designed to serve rural areas.

So, you must also understand what is marketing? the definition of which is the most concise and accurate way perhaps is this –

“Marketing is to identify and fulfill the needs of a customer profitably.”

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What are the 4A’s of rural marketing?

4As of marketing are – Affordability, Availability, Acceptability and Awareness.

If you are entering rural marketing, then few things you need to keep in mind, like many people have a meager living income and many are not literate. So, you have to create your strategy keeping these challenges present in the rural marketing landscape that you need to tackle.


People in the rural areas won’t be able to buy expensive products or products that are expensive as per them. So, it will be better if you first analyze the rural area in which you are entering, as this can vary from place to place, just as it happens in cities. Income and living standards in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata are different from those of tier 2 or tier 3 cities and smaller towns.

So, make sure the product which you plan to create can be afforded easily by most of the rural people.


The lifestyle of people in villages is different from the people in cities. In cities, we go to the market, and let’s take the example of edible products, we fill our fridge with fruits and vegetables and kitchen shelves with grains and cereals. But this is not the case with the rural areas. In villages, many people are daily earners, or even if they are not, they buy items regularly.

So, you must ensure that your product is readily available to the market or mandi shelves, or you will give a competitive advantage to your competitor.


Here lies the subtle but significant part. People in villages are closely bound with their cultures. So, you may this is as an opportunity to integrate this element inside your product. If not, then at least you must ensure that your product or service isn’t going against it.

So, your product must be acceptable from all corners.


And here comes the interesting part. You have to strive to create awareness of your product, as half of the battle lies here. Will it make any sense if you create a product or service with utmost quality and no one or very few people know about it.

People in rural areas have limited access to electronic media like televisions or radios. So, need to ensure that you are not solely dependent on these mediums.

4P’s of rural marketing

The 4Ps of marketing are – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Now let’s understand the rural marketing strategy in the context of the famous 4Ps of Marketing Mix.


The crux of the matter lies in – the product.

Recall the definition of marketing – to identify and satisfy the needs of a customer profitably. So, you need to create your complete product strategy keeping this in mind – from product design to its launch including its packaging.


Rural consumers generally price sensitive. So, make sure you have analyzed your ground of selling accordingly.


Putting the right product in right place at the right price is a key to every successful marketing strategy. Rural people are still not much habitual of online buying like people who live in cities, although things are changing slowly. So, you need to have more focus on the offline mode of selling to make your product it’s way to the people.



As we just knew that rural people are more inclined to offline buying, promotional strategies for the rural market should be created accordingly. So, not just going with mass media channels like TVs and newspapers, but one to one selling through dedicated salespeople and doing advertisements in local markets and on regularly help melas will do wonders for you.

Perhaps, an example will help in better understanding of whatever we knew till now. So, let’s have a brief on the rural marketing strategy of an Indian company Amul, the success of which made them a top has known brand in their segment.

Rural Marketing Strategy on Amul

Amul – expanded Anand Milk Udyog Limited, is credited with initiating the dairy cooperative movement in India in the 1940s and establishing the apex cooperative organization GCMMF – Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd that is currently owned by more than 2.2 million milk producers in Gujarat.

The marketing strategy on Amul targeting rural consumers in the context of 4Ps as follows-


Amul constantly tracks consumer needs to create its products that are adaptable to the changing lifestyles of the people. As smart marketing strategists, they try to cover every aspect from product quality to its launch and its packing.


Amul understands that people are price-sensitive in rural areas. So prices are set accordingly.


Storage is a challenge for milk and its products. But Amul is always ready for that – thanks to its largest cold storage chain networks that comprise 18000+ refrigerators all over India.

You might be not knowing this, Amul also sells pizzas in rural areas!.


Amul has proved itself as a pioneer of promotion & advertisements. It spends very little on its advertising in today’s date compared to its competitors, but the spend is done effectively. Who doesn’t know that Amul Girl? – its a brand mascot that has paved its way into the hearts of millions of Indian people. So, Amul positions itself as a “value of money” with its top-class variety of products.

To read more on the marketing strategy of Amul, head over to The Systematic Study of Amul Marketing Strategies

Final Words

So, this was all about creating a strategy specifically designed for rural people. In a brief, we can conclude that for any marketing strategy creation for any segment or any place in the world, the principles will remain the same. Let us know in the comment below if you like this article or have any suggestions related to the topic.

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