How to sell anything? | 6 Psychological Hacks to Influence People

As a marketer or a salesperson, it’s your responsibility to push your companies product(or services) to the market, because that’s the only way a company can survive.

But you know what, selling a product or service is just one aspect of selling. The fact is each and every one of us is now selling something in one form or another.

When you are telling something to your friend or your respect or anyone and you want them to believe or act upon it, you are actually selling an idea to them. When you are in an interview for a job, then you want to be hired, this is your selling point for the job.

When I’m writing this blog, I want you to keep on reading this and come back again. I want you to remember me and my blog. This is my selling point.

If you know how to sell anything, then probably you’ll never sleep hungry in life.

But there’s one more reason to learn how to sell something, which is, this skill will remain effective throughout your life. And in fact, it will be throughout human history. The reason behind this is, the sales is rooted deep inside human psychology which will remain constant for years to come as it has remained constant for years back.

So, in this article, we are going to look at some psychological hacks as sales techniques that will give you the freedom that you look for. All these sales techniques are based upon the book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, authored by Robert Cialdini.

So, let’s have a look having all that said.

Psychological hacks to sell anything

1. Reciprocity

Humans are build to reciprocate things.

When someone gives us anything that has some value, then we feel bound to give back something to them, we feel bound to reciprocate this act.

So, as a marketer or entreprenuer, you can persuade people to buy your stuff by proving something valuable stuff for FREE.

2. Scarcity

The value of anything increases when it is scared.

Like nowadays, water. It’s in our human nature that generally we take things for granted, though we should not. But that’s why we don’t value them much when they are in abundance. Once things start getting opposite, we start getting the feeling of fear, fear of losing them.

So, how we can use this hack?

Suppose you have a product with you and few units are left, then you can announce that only a few units are left. Or in case of service, like if you are a tutor or running a gymnasium, then only few seats are left.

Similarly, you can do this by taking time as a factor than the product, if you are closing a shop or discontinuing a product range for a while.

But also take this as a caution that once you announce or promise, then you commit to that. Or else it will be a long-lasting impact on your brand and people won’t take your words seriously next time. The Rule of Scarcity will not work for you then.

3. Authority

When we don’t know much about a subject, we tend to look for people who we believe are experts in that subject. So, we get influence by the people who are an authority in their fields.

We consult and believe the experts on whatever they say and we don’t too question much, as we trust them.

For example, when you visit a doctor, you don’t know about the medicine but you also don’t doubt him when he prescribes you that bitter pills for your illness. This is because you see the doctor as an authority.

So, how you can use this?

By showing yourself as an authority in your field. And how you can show that? By using indicators of authority. Like, Graduation Degree, Certification, Projects, Published Books, or Customer Testimonials if you are already made a few.

4. Commitment and Consistency

People like to commit and once they commit, they want to remain consistent with that.

The reason behind the consistency is that people feel more comfortable with those whom they already know about, with whom they are familiar. They say, know devils are better than unknown angels.

We feel more secure with this familiarity, hence we prefer to remain consistent.

So, how to make people commit and use this to sell your product?

What you can do is that you can make people commit to something which is easier for them to commit. Say a cheap product initially.

And then, it will be easier to make them commit to things for which you ultimately want them to buy i.e. a product of a higher price or with a high-profit margin.

5. Social Proof


Remember the last when you were shopping on any e-commerce platform, like Amazon or Flipkart. It’s highly that after looking at the product specs, you jumped to see the customer reviews to make a purchase decision.

Or if you are someone like me, then you’d have done the reverse.

The reason why we do is that, we want to use people’s experience to protect ourselves from failures or troubles. Let’s say if 1000s of people have given good ratings on a product, then it assures us that the quality of the product is good enough to purchase.

So, how to get social proof so that it can be used to sell something?

For that, you have to earn social proof, and you can earn them by providing your products or services on an affordable or absolutely FREE of cost at the initial stage, and then asking your customers to share your experiences.

And what best you can do is to combine Authority and Social Proof as a weapon of influence to sell your stuff. If you are running a Digital Marketing service, then provide your service as a Free Consultation Call to someone who is the authority in his field. And then the testimonial you receive will become a powerful convincing asset.

6. Liking

The last weapon of influence is the Liking principle.

It’s not surprising or unknown that we like to talk to people whom we like personally. And this can be used in selling, as people will also want to buy from you if they like you.

So, how to become a person who is liked more?

Know that we like people who are similar to us. The similarity can be in any area – opinion, personality, background, or lifestyle.

If you are a salesperson, try to look at areas where you can connect your experience with that of the customer.

Let’s say you are selling a car and your customer likes to travel far long trips which you love too. You can ask your customer if he is buying the automobile for long trips or just in city drive. If he says yes to long drives, then you must admit that you too are a travel junkie. So, here you are, on a streak of similarity with your customer.

Final Words

These were the 6 hacks with the help of which you can convince people to buy your product.

As we learned above, the act of selling isn’t just limited to items or services. We seldom sell our ideas to other people and want our desires to be fulfilled.

So, by using these 6 principles of persuasion, you’ll not only be able to sell your stuff and achieve your financial goals, but this will help you achieve goals in other areas of your life too.

If you want to go deep and learn more about persuading and convincing people, then you must read Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini.

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